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Dallas Cowboys training camp practice report #18

Dallas came out in helmets and shorts so it was another practice that lacked excitement for the fans. But I’ll recap it anyway, because that’s what I do. T.O. was still out as were most of the regular injury guys, but they also held out Flozell Adams and Marc Colombo. Alan Ball returned to practice, and Jason Hatcher was doing some light jogging and some resistance training on the sideline, enough to work up a good sweat, but he doesn’t look that close to returning.

They worked the 11-on-11 drill first, Romo started with a pass in the flats to Hoyte, then he had an overthrow of Austin. He connected with Austin over the deep middle, hit Fasano short, then Fasano dropped one that hit him right in the hands. He finished by hitting Adam Bergen over the middle.

Moore came on and overthrew Mike Jefferson before throwing a short completion to Tony Curtis. Bartel was up next and hit Curtis short before taking a "sack" (again, no pads so these are hard to judge), then underthrew Rabb and Henry got the easy INT.

Romo was back and threw short to Hoyte, then had a wild throw that went out of bounds, followed by a completion to Austin on a curl route. He connected with Urban on an out, Crayton made a catch short in front of Carpenter, then there was a jailbreak rush that resulted in a sack. Johnson replaced Romo and hooked up with Polite in the flats before hitting Richardson on a short pass. He threw short to Rabb, then had a nice deep throw to Bergen for a completion. Moore came on and Carpenter ran a stunt on the blitz that opened up K. Davis for a free run at the QB. Moore then hit Deon Anderson on a short pass and finished by throwing to Hurd on a short completion.

They broke for punt practice and they had Jehreme Urban back there with Newman and Crayton. Ware was doing his usual work with Pasqulaoni during this time.

7-on-7 was next and Romo threw short to JJ, connected with Witten up the seam who had beaten Bradie, then threw a pass too high for Hoyte. Hurd caught a comeback route in front of Henry, then Romo threw too high for Austin. Johnson hit Bergen on a short catch, then threw one right at N. Jones but Richardson played DB and broke it up before Jones could make the pick. He finished by hitting Urban on a crossing pattern. Moore came on next and threw underneath to Hurd and Rabb made a nice grab for a completion.

Romo was back in and hit Hurd over the middle, completed a curl to Austin, then Austin dropped one, followed by another Fasano drop. Johnson connected with Urban before throwing it away because the coverage was good. Bartel followed with a dump to Battle and a short pass to Rabb.

The kick return unit got some practice in while Ellis joined Ware and Pasqualoni for some technique work.

Back to 11-on-11 to finish practice. Romo threw short to Crayton, JJ got a run, then MB3 ran a sweep. Procter and Romo had a fumbled snap, then Fasano caught a deep out, and Crayton caught one short. Moore threw one into Spencer’s hands but he dropped the pick, Curtis caught a short pass, TT got a run, then Jamel Richardson dropped a pass. Bartel threw short to Andy Thorn, got sacked on good coverage, then JJ ran the ball.

Romo was back in and handed off to JJ, Hrud caught one and then Romo ran a bootleg pass to Witten. Brad came in and handed off to MB3 and threw a dump pass to MB3. Moore hit Cutis in the flats, Bowen blocked Moore’s next pass at the line, then he threw short to TT. Bartel was off-target on a pass to Rabb, he dropped the next snap, followed by an attempted run but Ratliff was in the backfield. He then threw another off-target pass.

Romo was off-target to Hoyte, TT ran a sweep, Romo threw short to Witten, and a dump pass to MB3. Johnson drew Canty offsides followed by a short pass to Curtis.

All in all, it was kind of a sloppy practice. Hopefully they will be in pads this afternoon and the execution will be crisper.

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