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Practice report teaser: Fight!

I'll have the regular practice report up shortly, but I had to tell you about the fight today. The practice was kind of blah, not much happening and too many dropped balls again. But then Pat Watkins came on a safety blitz, JJ was in the backfield and slid over to pick him up. JJ did a good job of making the block, but Watkins used his leverage from his height and bent JJ back and got him on the ground. JJ popped up and when he did he must have said something because Watkins got up in his face. JJ pushed him and Watkins started to go after him but Deon Anderson (I'm pretty sure it was Cricket) jumped in and threw his body into Watkins. Once that happened, everybody jumped into the fray and it was on. It took a little while to get everybody sorted out, and JJ was steaming as he stood with the other players on the side as the 11-on-11 drill went on. When JJ finally got back in, he ran the ball and gave the defense a little extra after the whistle blew for the tackle, and he was jawing with Watkins and Keith Davis. After all that, the intensity of the practice definitely picked up.

Update [2007-8-6 22:51:10 by Grizz]: After reading some other accounts of the fight, I missed the Pat Watkins punch to JJ's facemask. So it was even more raucous than I originally reported. [END UPDATE]

Also, on the last play of the practice Jackie Battle ran over Ken Hamlin at the goal line in a rough collision. It might have been helmet to helmet, and Hamlin was slow getting up and had to be walked off the field by a couple of trainers. I sure hope Hamlin didn't suffer anything serious from the blow to his head.

The full report will be up shortly.

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