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Dallas Cowboys article roundup

Yeah, I’m a total slacker, what of it? Actually, I had some errands to run and people to see once I got back home. But more to the point, I needed to decompress after two straight weeks of practices. Did you guys realize Wade didn’t give the team, thus by extension me, a day off over the two weeks? Camp Cupcake my butt!

Tomorrow, I promise to write my roster evaluations before the first preseason game, then – as usual – we’ll have an open thread for the Colts' game.

We have a cut, as reported by the DMN blog, TE Andy Thorn was given his walking papers. Too bad, he started strong in camp catching passes, but over the last week he was outplayed by Adam Bergen and Tony Curtis. What a bummer for the kid, you go all the way through training camp only to get cut the day before the first preseason game.

Terrell Owens will start tomorrow night, and came to the walk-thru ready to go. Click on the link to see the evidence. I immediately thought of one thing, "Spider pig, spider pig, does whatever a spider pig does." Not that I’m calling T.O. a pig, far from it, the dude is buff. Yes, that Simpson's commercial made me snort soda out of my nose the first time I saw it.

More on DeMarcus Ware. But I like this point, where the MSM wakes up to the Ware/Pasqualoni tutoring sessions.

Evidence of Ware's ferociousness can be found on the padding linebackers coach Paul Pasqualoni wears to practice.

Ware has spent part of every practice in training camp working alone with Pasqualoni, fine-tuning all the pass-rush fundamentals.

The one-on-one time Pasqualoni spends playing the role of the overmatched offensive lineman isn't good for his arms though.


"There's never enough time where you can work on the pass rush," Ware said. "We're using that period to perfect my moves."

Pasqualoni compared Ware's work ethic to that of Jerry Rice, referencing an article that quoted Rice as saying he kept playing football because he loved the preparation and loved the work.

"He's a young guy working at the game all the time," Pasqualoni said. "In this business, if you think you've learned everything, then you're kidding yourself. He's so eager to work."

Austin and Hurd, they are always lumped together since their breakout at last season’s camp. They play the same position and came into the organization at the same time. Kind of like how I always lump Nate Jones and Jacques Reeves together, only Austin and Hurd are good. I kid!!

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