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First preseason game roll call

Now seemed like an appropriate time for a roll call. In a few hours the Dallas Cowboys will be playing a game. Granted, it’s an exhibition, but for the diehards, it’s one of the sweetest days of the year.

We also get the first gameday open thread of the season on BTB. For everybody who found BTB over the offseason, welcome to the party. You’ll see what it’s all about later tonight. For the vets who have been through it before, welcome back.

The gameday open threads can get heated. Expressing your emotions or thoughts in the immediacy of a game can lead to outbursts of anger, and expletives. I get it, verbally; I can compete with a Quentin Tarantino script. But try to keep what you type relatively clean. Euphemisms are a great idea. Try: "That call was bull-poopy," or "Fudge that ref, he reminds me of a vacuum." The general idea is just don’t start dropping a bunch of f-bombs in the thread, or use constant references to bowel movements.

This is a roll call. Sign in if you read the blog. All you lurkers, now is the time to get a free account and start commenting. You’ll be a vet this time next year.

Roll call:

Grizz is here, and so ready to see the Cowboys compete against a different team. Two weeks at camp was fun, but I need to see them hit somebody else. I’ll be commenting in the open thread all game long.

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