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Dallas Cowboys look impressive in win over Colts, 23-10

Well I was impressed. The Dallas Cowboys offense was dominating the field for most of the game, and the only thing that kept the score at 23-10 was a couple of missed opportunities for TD’s in the redzone by Dallas. Tony Romo was very sharp in his first preseason game of the season, and while the defense wasn’t great in the first quarter, they did hold the Colts to a FG. The Cowboys 2nd and 3rd teams looked superior to the Colts backups.

MB3 and TT both looked good. MB3 was dancing a little too much early but got his roll on later to dominate play. TT had a few good, tough runs and scored a TD. Matt Moore had a good drive where he hooked up with Tony Curtis on three good passes. I think he has something to work with for the next game, a little bit of confidence. The tight ends had a big night in this offense. Tony Curtis stats: 3/58, Anthony Fasano stats: 3/43. Wait until Jason Witten gets some real playing time

On defense, Keith Davis got the pick for a TD, compliments of a tipped pass by Alex Obomese, who continues to make plays. Joey Thomas also got an INT. Junior Glymph and Jay Ratliff combined for a sack.

On the downside, Brad Johnson wasn’t that sharp and Doug Free apparently suffered a sprained knee. I don’t know about any other injuries. Also, the kickoff coverage unit was poor.

Overall, a very good start for the Cowboys, the offense was able to sustain long, time-eating drives, although they need to cash them in for seven next time. The defense could use a little more pass rush, Manning had too much time to throw, but they did a good job of keeping the Colts to 10 points on the night, seven of them coming very late.

What are you guys thinking? What impressed you, or what didn’t impress you? And does anybody know for sure who put the roach on Romo?

Box score.

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