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NY Daily News: Cowboys coach Wade Wilson faces punishment for banned substances

BTB-regular barrypopik broke the news in a diary here. Good catch.

The NY Daily News and Gary Myers report that along with the Rodney Harrison suspension for banned substances that came out today, Dallas Cowboys QB coach Wade Wilson admitted he was also getting illegal substances. According to the article, Wilson was getting them when he was coaching with the Bears in 2004-2006.

From the article:

[Wade] Wilson admitted receiving human growth hormone and anabolic steroids while a coach with the Chicago Bears, where he worked from 2004-2006. League officials were interested to know whether he used the drugs himself or whether he supplied them to players. Harrison admitted to receiving human growth hormone. Although the league does not test for HGH, a player can be suspended under the NFL doping policy if he admits or it can be proven that he took or possessed anything on the banned substances list.

The two are the first of what is expected to be many connected to the NFL to arise in the investigation. Sources said officials from the Albany Co. District Attorney's office approached NFL officials about Harrison and Wilson, saying that both had received drugs from Signature Pharmacy in Orlando.

Wow, this is out of the blue. Why would Wilson be getting HGH as a coach? The immediate thought is that it was for a player, unless Wilson had lingering injury issues or something. We don't know the punishment from the league yet, but Jerry Jones isn't going to like this at all. He's worked very hard on the image of the Dallas Cowboys, I'm sure he never expected this from one of his new coaches.  

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