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Waiting on the Turk

While we're waiting for today's cuts...

Nick Eatman doesn’t exactly predict a roster, but he gives some clues about what he’s thinking.

Todd Archer takes his shot at a 53-man roster.

Mac Engel takes his shot, too.

Of course, my prediction is here.

Checking out the local media’s list and mine, it looks like everybody agrees except for the last few spots on the roster and that should be expected with a team that was in the playoffs last year. So what are the question marks?

I’m definitely in the minority taking Lousaka Polite over Deon Anderson. I was rooting for Anderson as much as anybody, his back-story and exuberant personality are hard to resist. But, if Oliver Hoyte was injured – I took into account he missed two games in the preseason and got hurt last year – the guy I would want to step in would be Polite. Anderson has potential, but he didn’t blow me away in the offseason. I think he would make it through to the PS without problem. The conventional wisdom is that Anderson is good on special teams, but honestly, I can’t remember him making a big play on special teams in the preseason. I just don’t think he’s ready yet. Given all that, I’m swimming against the tide on this one, and in truth it was one of the hardest cuts to make. I wouldn’t be surprised to miss this one.

Joe Berger’s fate is in dispute among the lists. When I first starting making the cuts I thought I would keep Berger, but when I started to see the numbers, I realized I had to sacrifice him to get some help in other places.

The cornerback/safety list also created some variations among the predictions. Courtney Brown and Joey Thomas are the wild cards there. Quincy Butler is the big wild-card on my list. I went with gut more than anything else on that one, but I do like his athleticism. Remi Ayodele also made some of the lists.

Then there’s always the possibility that we make cuts in anticipation of signing someone else from another team. We might see a couple of cuts and scratch our heads but the Cowboys will already have something in mind that we don’t know about.

The deadline is 4 PM EST today, the same time as the re-broadcast of the Minnesota game on the NFLN.

It’s nice to have some college football to watch while we wait.

Go Georgia Tech, beat the Irish!

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