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Cowboys QB coach Wade Wilson suspended for five games

It’s official. Wade Wilson is suspended for the first five games. Here’s Wilson’s comment from the DMN:

"This situation is the result of an uninformed decision that I made, and I accept responsibility for my mistake," Wilson said in a statement. "My actions were the result of trying to improve the quality of my life based upon my 20-plus years of living with diabetes.

"I did, however, make an error. I had a very limited exposure to a substance. It did not have a positive effect on the quality of my life, and I soon discarded it. It was used only by me and not made available to anyone else."

Jerry Jones seems to be taking it well, a little better than I though he would. Maybe Wade Wilson was using it for his own purposes, or at least they can’t prove that he wasn’t. Regardless, Jerry says there will be no change Wilson’s employment or role in Dallas.

"We understand and support the commissioner’s decision," Jones said in the statement. "Wade Wilson accepts responsibility for his mistake in judgment and recognizes the importance of the NFL's performance enhancing substance policies. After learning of his error, he cooperated fully with all of the parties involved in this matter.

"In reviewing the facts, we know that Wade had absolutely no intention of breaking any league rules. He has a long track record of quality service to the NFL and community service to the cities where has played and coached. We recognize and support the importance placed on these matters by the National Football League. We also support Wade Wilson during this time and look forward to his contributions to the future of the Dallas Cowboys."

Hat tip to barrypopik for catching the Wade Wilson story in the very beginning and posting it late last night on BTB.

Hat tip to Cowboys81 for posting the suspension in the comments.

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