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Cowboys NT Jason Ferguson out for the season

You guys reported it in the comments, Jason Ferguson is out for the season with a torn bicep muscle. That hurts. Having him and Jay Ratliff in the rotation was going to be a sweet deal. The good news, we have Jay Ratliff, but we need to get him help. Remi Ayodele was cut from the Falcons so he’s an obvious option. Or the Cowboys could get creative in thinking long-term and see if they come up with something else.

It’s really too bad, Jason Ferguson was a key to this defense.

It’s Jay Ratliff’s time to shine now.

Update [2007-9-10 11:47:18 by Dave Halprin (Grizz)]: Todd Archer has made it clear they haven't signed Remi Ayodele yet. Sorry Burt-D, the early report was incorrect. Archer brings up the name Dan Wilkinson, others have brought up Tank Johnson as a stretch-run/playoffs possibility.

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