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A letter from BTB

Greetings all,

The community is growing here at BTB and I want to welcome all the new fans who have jumped on board over the past couple of months. Every once in a while, I like to post a little bit about this blog so that everybody knows what we’re doing here. Yes, I do have a point that I’ll get to.

No surprise, this blog is about the Dallas Cowboys. I’d say that this blog is 97% Cowboys, 2% other NFL news, 1% other sports news and microscopic traces of random stuff. It’s a good place for Cowboys fans to get together and cheer, commiserate, debate, analyze, discuss and generally entertain ourselves while satisfying our Cowboys’ obsession.

When you get this many people together, you get a brew of different personalities and opinions. So the challenge is to show some respect for your fellow Cowboys’ fan even if you vehemently disagree with what they’ve written. I’ve noticed lately things have gotten a little more combative in the comments, different from the usual debate. Nothing major, but I’ve noticed a lot more use of words like idiotic, asinine, moron and other pithy insults.

Come on guys, I know we don’t need to get down to that level of discourse. Look, discuss and debate until your heart is content, that’s what this blog is for, that’s why we are here. You can discuss and debate whether we should draft Darren McFadden next year or not until the world ends or next year’s draft, whichever comes first. Although how you guys can even think about that in the middle of Week 2 of the regular season is beyond my abilities, but go for it. Or discuss JJ vs. MB3, or the wisdom of playing or resting Terence Newman, or the upcoming deification of Tony Romo scheduled for later this year. Express your own opinions all you want, debate until the comments column in a thread shrinks down into a long, tiny column. But please make sure you do it with a little class and respect.

As always, I ask that profanity be limited to a stray damn or hell. If you absolutely need to drop the f-bomb to express an opinion, you probably need to count to thirty before you post anyway. (Wow, I sound like my mom now). Besides, using creative euphemisms is far more challenging and you can be both forceful and creative. Fellow posters will adore you! Eh, maybe not.

Finally, no politics or religion. That’s just the way it is on that.

OK, good enough? I love talking Cowboys here with everybody and I want to make sure everybody who wants to hang out here feels comfortable.

Climbing down off my soapbox now, I say: "How ‘bout them Cowboys?!"

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