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Wade Phillips press conference 9/12/07

Wade: We signed Remi Ayodele, worked him at nose tackle today. He did good in preseason, we wanted him back for the PS, glad we were able to get him back now. Working on Miami.

He practiced some in a helmet and jersey with no pads. It was limited but a start.

Played on the scout team stuff mostly, moved around well, had an INT. He’s not comfortable moving in all directions yet, but he wanted to get an idea of what he could do.

Could Greg possibly play on Sunday?
It’s a possibility, like I said before, if they’re there, they’re there. This was a step forward for these guys. Neither had done before what they did today.

We did vote on this at the meetings this year, I got up and asked that the defense be allowed to communicate with the signal caller through the helmet and they voted it down. I said that we could take away people stealing signs, just like they do on offense. If it’s out there someone will try to get it. If you communicate through the helmet, you couldn’t do it on defense anymore. It lost by a couple of votes, a very close vote.

There was a question here and his answer was something about the safety and the zone coverages but I was interrupted and didn’t hear it. Anybody know what was said?

Cam Cameron?
Innovative guy that will take advantage any weakness you have.

Did you improve in practice on defense?
I’m not fixing things anymore. (laughter) It was one game, it isn’t a season, we’ll see where we are at the end. I’d be surprised if we scored 45 points every game and surprised if we gave up 35 points every game.

Jason Taylor?
Great pass rusher, instinctive, lots of INT’s for that position, he was the defensive player of the year.

Compare Ware and Jason Taylor? (What is it with these constant comparison questions?)
Ware is a special. He had some good rushes in the game but the Giants only got sacked 24 times last year. We finally got to the QB and knocked him out of the game but it was late.

Trent Green?
He’s experienced, knows coverages, knows blitzes.

Run defense without Ferguson?
More movement, the ILB’s may have to move around more, maybe blitz them more, depends on the team you playing. These guys will try to power you, they’ll probably do some double-teams on the NT so we might have to bring the ILB’s more. The first thing is for Jay to play well. He didn’t hurt us against the run last game, they broke one, they ran a toss play, we were blitzing the QB and they broke that. But the run defense was pretty good.

How well does the defense need to play against Miami?
We need to play well enough to win. They (Miami) played on the road, they had a tough game, against a good defense. Washington controlled the ball on the ground too and that hurt their offense. They got a good QB and a receiver in Chambers, and good running game.

Zach Thomas?
He’s one of my favorites. I try to say hello to him, I like to talk to him. That’s part of being the fan in you. I enjoy playing against players like him, like to watch him on tape. He plays the way the game ought to be played. (Do they still protect him in the middle because of size?) They play a 3-4, 4-3 combo, he gets to the football no matter what. Fun to watch on tape, he goes 100 mph on plays. They ran a reverse last week and he recognized it and tackled the guy in the backfield. That’s hard for a MLB.

Burnett better?
He is ready to go now, he’s moving around well. We could have used him more last week if needed.

Can Remi do what Jason did, or more like Ratliff?
He’s more like Ratliff, more the active type instead of the power type.

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