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Wade Phillips press conference 9/13/07

I missed the opening.

Is Ellis a gametime decision?
I’m hesitant to say that yet, he’s only participated a little.

Glenn’s knee surgery?
Some players would have said my season is through. For him to do this tells you what kind of person he is. No feel for how long it could be before he’s back, but we’ll definitely save his spot. You have 8 inactives anyway. We had 6 receivers, now 5, but Stanback was inactive last week, we’ll usually carry 4 to the game.

Newman practiced more, are you more encouraged with him than Ellis?
A little more encouraged. Gametime decision with him this week. We’ll travel all 53 unless we know they couldn’t play. (Would you use him just in nickel/dime situations only?) If we can utilize him we will, depends on his percentage (of health), I’d like to have him 100% but if he can help you, you have to consider it.

How did the coverage play last week?
I thought it was better than theirs. I mean, we didn’t play well coverage-wise, obviously. But we did outplay their defense.

Did you get enough pressure last week?
I thought we had pretty good pressure, he (Eli) does throw quickly, he didn’t have many sacks last year.

Is Trent Green like that?
He gets rid of it quickly, at least he did against the Redskins, he’s one of the harder to get to over the last few years. It’s not all about sacks, we got some pressure. We sacked him twice, the 2-pt play doesn’t officially count, but it was a play in the game. We caused some bad passes.

Do you need to turn that pressure to sacks?
You want as many as you can get. That’s what we’re trying to accomplish. Most people who play us, I think they’ll block more people and go to individual routes. If 3 guys are out in the pattern, we have to get on them tighter in the zone so they can’t throw short, and also play over the top. We need to match them up better in the zone. Because of our defense we’ll get a lot of maximum block looks, 5-steps drops.

Ted Ginn?
He’s so fast that if you give him anything (he’s gone). He runs some reverses, I think they’ll try to get the deep ball to him this week. They’re going to try to get him the ball more, I expect, in this game.

Are you comfortable putting Jacques Reeves in tight coverage?
I wasn’t last game. We’ll se as we go, what he can do well is what we’ll do with him. He’s got speed, but not a big guy, if he gets up on a physical receiver (Burress) they might push him around. The more experienced he gets the better he can keep them off him.

Both our tackles I’m glad we played them at then end in preseason, they were ready for the season. They both had good games. Flo had a good game, we held up well.

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