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Ellis out, Newman still game time decision

Wade Phillips had a short press conference today where he said Greg Ellis will not play (no surprise) and that Terence Newman is still a game time decision. They talked to him about the Patriots punishment, Jacques Reeves gaining experience, leaving points on the field even though they scored 45 points, and some other stuff. Wade made a good point that you usually don’t score 45 points unless you get a bunch of turnovers or a score from the defense, but the Cowboys had only one turnover from the Giants. There wasn’t much else of interest, except when got down out of the chair and on the ground to show if a DE takes his hand up off the ground and stands up, then you just went from a 4-3 to a 3-4.  That nutty Wade.

Here’s an article on DeMarcus Ware

Here’s an article on Terry Glenn’s surgery and his return timetable.

Glenn underwent surgery at Ohio State University Medical Center in Columbus, Ohio, Thursday morning to remove cartilage from behind his kneecap. He could return in 4-6 weeks.

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