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Porter wants a piece of MB3

Joey Porter wants some of MB3 tomorrow.

Known as one of the NFL's biggest trash-talkers, Porter took several jabs at Dallas running back Marion Barber when asked by for the key to stopping the Cowboys offense in Sunday's game at Dolphin Stadium.

"Barber thinks he's a tough guy sometimes," Porter said of a player who had an NFC-high 14 rushing touchdowns in 2006. "He likes to get into the secondary and lower his shoulder and try to run people over to see if he's this real physical running back. I love running backs who play like that. It's a challenge.

"I love a cocky guy. He's a cocky guy. That makes two cocky guys in the game. Somebody has to give. That's my type of fight, so I'm going to be looking for him."

All right, it’s on. I got MB3 in that fight. Porter will be looking at braids passing him by while sprawled on his back, mouthpiece slightly ajar and snot blowing out of his nose. Cue the tweety birds.

BTW, you've made it MB3; other players calling you out means you've been getting it done. They've seen the film of you running guys over, now you're a trophy for a linebacker if they blow you up. Rock on MB3.

Hat tip to the DMN blog.

Consider this an open thread for college football or the Cowboys. My Yellow Jackets take on Boston College tonight in a big ACC match-up. Darren McFadden is on in a little bit so watch him and get a preview for next year’s draft.

Who you watching this Saturday?

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