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Romo and T.O. make up a TD

Mickey Spags on Romo’s TD pass to Terrell Owens on 4th and 4.  

And yep, there was Romo sliding to his left, getting ready to throw a short crossing route hoping for the first down when he sensed what Terrell Owens was about to do - a little stutter and go route which was in no way part of the play but just two guys playing football, and why when asked about the play afterward Romo, sort of sheepishly saying something about "it was a little something we drew up."  

Yeah, right. He meant made up on the run - Romo hitting Owens with a honey of a throw over the burned Renaldo Hill for the 34-yard touchdown pass, the 30-13 lead and setting up the jokester T.O. to pose in front of the goal-post standard acting as if he was using one of those old-timey film-reel cameras to video the Dolphins' defense, costing the Cowboys 15 yards.  

"I just recognized at the last second what he was doing," Romo said.

All well and good, as long as it works. But improvisation can lead to turnovers, so while I applaud the aggressive play and the mental connection between Romo and his receivers, just make sure you keep protecting the ball. Romo has 6 TD passes, 1 TD run, 1 INT and no fumbles. That’s a winning combination.

Nick Eatman talks MB3, since MB3 rarely talks to anybody on camera. Did you see his post-game interview with Brad Sham and Babe Laufenberg? Classic MB3 – he thanked the line, said the playing time between he and JJ was up to the coaches and he just needs to be ready when he’s out there. Someone should ask Joey Porter if MB3 was ready.

Jerry Jones hearts the secondary.

"I don't know that I've ever been any more proud for a bunch because without Newman back there that's quite a challenge for us," Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones said. "They really came in and competed."

Yes, Jerry, they did.

Do you think Romo drove the Dolphins’ defense batty?

"He was just scrambling around and getting us tired," Dolphins middle linebacker Zach Thomas said.

Frustrating, wasn’t it Zach?

From the "let’s not get ahead of ourselves" department.

"You can't crown us champions right now," Hamlin said. "It's only the second week of the season."

Truer words were never spoken, and the nod to Dennis Green makes it all the better.

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