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Wade Phillips press conference 9/17/07

We played well on all teams, we still have things to work on and we’ll address those things. Sometimes you get lucky in a game, but we did a lot of things well. The effort was good, we got 5 turnovers and didn’t turn it over, and you’re going to win every time with that. Wanted to be aggressive on defense and to make plays, on offense we wanted to be efficient and don’t turn the ball over.

Game balls:
Ken Hamlin – 6 tackles, no missed tackles, he emphasized that from last week, he thought he had missed tackles last week, and he had a big INT with a return to 15 or whatever. All week he said he needed to improve, like he needed to tackle better and he did. He worked on it.

Roy Williams - Got an INT and had several big plays, big tackles on 3rd down that made them punt. He had the kind of game we know he can play.

Nick Folk - 3 FG’s and the 47-yarder in the dirt, with us just 7 points ahead, that put us 10 ahead, if he misses they get field position. It was a pressure kick, wasn’t quote the game winner, but he and the team knew it, how important it was.

O-line - Dominant in the game again this week, we didn’t give a game ball to all, but to one guy like last week, and it was Marc Colombo who graded out the highest. Not a lot of pressure on the QB from Miami, and when there was Romo made plays. We came off the ball extremely well in the second half, showed their power and strength.

Pat Crayton - One guy dislocated his finger, taped it back up, and then returned the longest punt in his career and the longest in 12 years on Dolphins. A big return, set up a big TD, he had good blocking but it was a great return.

Anthony Henry – Last but probably the first guy we gave on to is Henry. 2 INT’s, graded out at 97%, recovered the onside kick, made 4 or 5 tackles. He was too hard on himself after the first game, he went all week saying I’m going to improve, I owe it to the guys, I’m going to play my game well. Henry had a monster game for a DB. The 2 INT’s were big.

What do the gameballs mean to the team?
The choices are subjective, certainly, everybody could get a gameball in a win because it takes everybody. But if a guy made a game-changing play, we give it to them. We do like to recognize individuals in a team game. Plays that make a difference. Two guys felt like they didn’t play well last week and came back have a good game. Accountable to their teammates, they can come back next week and have a good game.

Did the turnovers give the defense confidence?
We had confidence in ourselves. Anytime a team throws 40 something times and it looks like teams will throw a lot in our games, you got to make plays. Like an INT, tipped balls, 3 and outs.

How much pressure did you get on Trent Green?
Quite a bit, it doesn’t help if you throw short, but he went deeper. He’s an outstanding short game passer, but the pressure and coverage was good on the deep pass. They saw the team the week before make big plays and they thought they would too. Our philosophy is not to give up big plays. Guys made up their mind - no big plays.

More important stat, sacks or pressure?
Wins. Turnovers more important than sacks. Field position in turnovers are more important. Pressure and sacks can cause those things or cause them to punt. Turnovers are the most significant except for points scored or given up.

Played well, played the double-teams well, run defense was very good. He had a good rush and tipped ball on 3rd down that caused a punt. He’s doing good things.

Is it getting hard to take Barber out of the game?
I’m pleased with 162 yards rushing, scoring 37 points. Pleased overall, we can do better, we’ll continue to improve. I like us scoring the points we’re scoring. (Set rotation?) There’s no set way to do it, Marion for some reason in the game was having trouble breathing, different factors come into play in the game, how their feeling, who’s banged up. (Does the offense get a charge from Marion’s runs?) We dumped it out to Julius early in the game and he made three guys miss. I see your point because Marion was doing some great things, but the other guy does good things, too. We’re featuring a guy on the one-yard line so he gets more TD’s, he’s strong in that area. It’s working this way.

Does Ratliff’s play mean no outside NT’s needed?

I thought he could potentially be a starter for us, great work ethic and high motor, he was going to play a lot any way. Is he the perfect nose guard? Maybe not, but Bradie made a lot of plays because of Jay and they didn’t move him out on the double-teams and gave us a good pass rush.

Played all right, bounced back during the game, need to do that as a corner. He got beat but made plays and tackles after that. The more he plays the better he can play. Chambers  worried us and Booker is good, Reeves did a good job, I’d like for him to get an INT every game. (chuckles)

Did you make an adjustment after they threw three passes at him?
He did, Todd Bowles and Stew got with him to talk, but he didn’t look like deer in headlights, he understood what was going on, he made a mistake but he was going to come back. Good sign.

Do you worry about Romo’s scrambles sometimes?
It worried the Dolphins, kind of Brett Favre-ish. He made some really outstanding plays and he was still looking down the field with his head. It amazes me, he sees the receivers. (Knack for pocket presence?) He has the knack to see the pass rush, Tom Brady is like that, and certain players have that in the pocket. The longer he stands there the better it is because you stay in the middle of the field. Want to stay in the middle. That TD pass was an amazing throw, they tackled the guy he wanted to throw it to.

Does his scrambling save the o-line from having to hold blocks?
It causes the rush to stay at home more, some guys just go to the QB at a point, you can’t do that with him, he scramble out. Mobile QB’s makes the rush stay in their lanes, the o-line know where his guy will be. If they try to take an inside path the QB, he gets outside for a big play. Today’s game it helps to have a mobile QB.

Owens celebration?
On the 4th-down down play T.O he said give me the ball I’ll make the 1st-down. I said OK, and Jason called it, and he scored a TD. (What did you say about the celebration?) I told him he couldn’t do that, not to do it again. He used the goalpost as a prop. He was sorry about that, but it cost our team. We spiked the ball last week, we need to eliminate that stuff. (Did you think the celebration was funny?) I didn’t know what he was doing. Different people have different senses of humor. (laughter) Merriman did his lights out and it was fun, don’t take the fun out of it. But we won’t tolerate penalties.

How have you liked Jason Garrett’s play-calling?
I like it. Sometimes I say I want a pass or a run or he’ll ask me about stuff, but I don’t call specific plays, except for the T.O. play. T.O. was serious. He said, I will make it if you give me the chance. They doubled Witten and Terrell made the play. Him (Jason) being so effective so early is the big thing. Hasn’t put in too much to confuse the offense but we’re versatile, we moved Terrell around, we got that accomplished. The offensive staff along with Jason has done a good job of getting the players the football.

4th and 4 play?
50 yard FG was too long, we took the clock down and called a time out. The FG wouldn’t help us that much.

He made up his mind, he’s harder on himself, he talked to other players and told them he would hold up his end. That says a lot for a guy. Some guys let criticism roll off, but he worried about it, you know yourself better than others and what you need to do better.

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