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Cowboys vs. Miami: Post-game wrap-up

The Dallas defense redeemed themselves for a poor performance in week one. They still are having trouble covering receivers - let’s face it, Trent Green left a lot of yards on the field with bad throws. But the difference was this week the Cowboys secondary made the Dolphins pay with four interceptions. Romo appreciated it:

"A quarterback's greatest friend is never his O-line or receivers or running backs – it's the defense," Romo said. "When you know that your defense is going to get you the ball back in good field position, that's a huge advantage for the quarterback. I think they're better than they showed in the first game, and they proved that. I think that they're going to play like this for the rest of the year."

Jason Taylor is now a Romosexual.

"He's a very good quarterback, moves very well and is very quick," said Taylor, who had 13 ½ sacks last season. "He's got great pocket presence and he made plays today and I didn't."

"We saw it on film that he's a good quarterback who makes plays and seems out of control at times but he makes it work and they work around him that way. He's a very, very good quarterback."

JJT has also sent in his membership to the Romosexuals.

Tony Romo is the guy.

So get on the phone this morning with Romo's agents and get his signature on the dotted line. The sooner, the better.

He’s talking to you Jerry Jones.

Here’s a general Clarence E. Hill, Jr. recap.

Here’s the AP recap.

Random thoughts after the game.

Did you ever envision a Back to the Future scenario at the top of the NFC like this? Dallas, Green Bay and San Francisco all sitting at 2-0, and Washington can join them tomorrow night.  Those teams at the top have a familiar ring from days gone by, don’t they? Oh yeah, Detroit is 2-0 and crashing the party.

There’s no way to avoid the fact that MB3 is the #1 RB in Dallas. Yes, JJ is the "starter" and I love the way they form a productive duo that keeps the offensive engine humming. Dallas is using them pretty well so far and I don’t expect that to change. So don’t sweat the details. But MB3 is definitely the more dominating back.

Patrick Crayton had his finger put back into place and took a few stitches before returning to the game and sparking the offensive explosion with a great punt return. Nice job, Pat.

We got to get the penalties under control. Not only the offensive line jumping offsides, but the stupid penalties that come after the play and other nonsense.

Jay Ratliff, otherwise known as The Rat, did a great job in his first game in place of Jason Ferguson. He had a fumble recovery, a batted-down pass on 3rd-down, and helped lead a defense that held the Miami running game to low productivity.

Through two games, Tony Romo has been sacked two times, once in each game. The offensive line gets a lot of credit for that. Last week they were close to perfect, this week they weren’t, but they were good. And when they weren’t, Tony "Twinkle Toes" Romo took care of the rest.

How about that Folker dude? That rookie is folkin' good.

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