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Tank Johnson wants "fresh start" in Dallas

Did somebody order a Tank? The Dallas Cowboys might be dealing in some heavy machinery as the Tank Johnson visit is officially confirmed. Tank says he wants to play here and this would be a fresh start.

Tank Johnson said Monday night he expects to play for the Dallas Cowboys upon returning from his eight-game NFL suspension.

"I'm here to work some things out. I'm looking here for a fresh start," Johnson said when reached in his room at the hotel where the Cowboys stay before home games.

Well, I didn’t really write about this before because there are so many rumors on a regular basis that I tend to wait until something is revealed that is concrete. I think this qualifies as concrete. So will the Cowboys actually sign the Tank?

I beginning to think so if they are going through this process. They had to know this would be big news and I doubt they would go through all the press scrutiny and the other things that come with bringing him in if they weren’t serious. But, Tank could ask for too much money or he could say some things in the interview that throw up a big red flag – I mean a bigger flag than the one already associated with Tank.

If they do sign him, what’s the deal with him playing and his suspension? Calvin Watkins has answers:

Under terms of his suspension, Johnson must undergo counseling, have no further adverse involvement with police and not work out at any team facility. Johnson is working out in Tempe, Ariz. If Johnson is reinstated by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, the earliest he could play for the Cowboys would be Nov. 4 at Philadelphia.

I’m not opposed to giving guys second chances and this is a position of need right now, one injury to Jay Ratliff and we’re down to Remi Ayodele. Not that Remi is bad, I’m just not ready to turn over NT duties to him. Of course, if something were to happen before the 8-week suspension is over, Tank wouldn’t be able to help.

Down the road though, if Tank was here and could play NT, I’d love to see a front three of Tank Johnson at NT, and Jay Ratliff and Jason Hatcher at DE. Yes, I’m still not impressed with Marcus Spears or Chris Canty, although Canty did make some plays on Sunday once I watched the replay. BTW, I’ll have the film review up later today.

But if you sign Tank Johnson, whatever you do, do not let him room with Keith Davis.

Tony Romo discusses his contract situation.

"I guess I just really don't think about it too much either way," Romo said here Monday at Valley Ranch. "When it'll happen, it'll happen, I guess. I'm in my last year here, so you never know what's going to happen. You never know if this is going to be your last year with the Cowboys, or you never know if you're going to be here for a while. You just play the game and see where the chips fall."

Romo meant he was in his last year of his contract, but that's all he had to say to open a flood of questions, someone asking the Cowboys starting quarterback if he really thinks this could be his last year in Dallas. So Romo had to clarify what he meant.

"You never know how the rest of the season's going to go," Romo said. "Do I think I'll play well and the team's going to do great? Sure I do, but you never know. If the Joneses don't want you or the organization isn't 100 percent behind you, then that's the way this game is. It's a business still and they have to treat it that way from an owner and a general manager's standpoint, and I understand that."

I know we’re all excited by our offense and we do seem to have the weapons, the QB and the line to make it work. But in the words of BTB-regular Deke: Let’s tap the brakes just a bit. Check out these stats.

The Cowboys first two opponents, the New York Giants and Miami, are a combined 0-4, and their defenses are ranked 29th and 25th in the NFL. The Giants have allowed a league-high 80 points. The Dolphins have the 23rd- ranked offense, too.

Granted, part of the reason they both are winless and their defensive rankings are so low is because the Cowboys offense torched them. But judging by what I saw on the field for both teams, the Giants and the Dolphins, they are not good football teams.

That all changes this week when we head to Chicago. If you want to get a jump on what Chicago is up to, check the excellent Bears’ blog, Windy City Gridiron. We’ll be talking to blogger WCG later this week in our 5 Questions segment.

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