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Romo and Grossman: No contest

Tony Romo and Rex Grossman comparison from a Chicago paper.

Meet Tony Romo, a guy who so far this season is proving to be everything the Bears hoped Rex Grossman would be.

Two quarterbacks from the Class of 2003 -- Grossman, a first-round pick, and Romo, an undrafted free agent -- are on a collision course for Sunday night, when the defending NFC champion Bears host a Dallas Cowboys team that has looked good early. If only Grossman's star could shine as brightly as Romo's.


In leading the Cowboys to a 2-0 record, Romo has produced a passer rating of 119.3 -- better than any two-game starter but the New England Patriots' Tom Brady. He has completed 29 of 53 passes for 531 yards and six touchdowns with one interception. Romo is averaging 10 yards per pass and has 10 completions of 20 yards or more. He has been sacked twice.

Grossman ranks 32nd in passer rating at 55.1. He has completed 32 of 57 passes for 305 yards and one touchdown with three interceptions. His longest completion is 24 yards, and he has been sacked six times.
I think Daryl Johnston called Grossman the anti-Romo during the Miami game.

I did a segment on a show called Bleacher Bloggers. Brent and Dave, the Bleacher Bloggers, put on a good show discussing major sports and getting a sampling from the blog world on the hot topics. My segment comes on in the middle of the show. Go check it out.

The DMN blog posits an alternative explanation for Tank’s visit. Pumping him for info on the Bears. People in the NFL say this happens all the time, so it’s a reasonable suggestion. But in this case, while it might be a side-benefit, I think the Cowboys have a real interest in signing Tank. Some reasons for the interest. Nose tackle is a position of concern with Jason Ferguson out, even though Jay Ratliff played well this week. Tank Johnson is a good football player, plain and simple. Jerry Jones is never afraid to take a chance on a player. Tank is a player that you might be able to get on the cheap and then provide big returns.

I’m sure the Cowboys will try to get some info about the Bears, but I think they really will be evaluating Tank with an eye toward signing him.

Random fantasy football thought: Why does Norv Turner hate me? The one year I get Ladanian Tomlinson in a fantasy league and he’s killing me so far. Whatever Norv is doing it ain’t working. It reminds me of the old joke: Who is the only person that can hold Michael Jordan to under 20 points? A: Dean Smith.

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