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Tank talk

Tim MacMahon reports this info from the Tank Johnson conference call.

He assured a concerned local reporter that he no longer owns any guns. He said he's learned that he has to be careful who he associates himself with, and he has a bluebook of things to steer clear of based on his experiences.

"Most important to me right now is that you have to understand that you're representing a great franchise, a great group of people who have faith in you," he said. "To have that type of environment where you know that people are pushing for you to succeed, you don't want to let those people down. I've been through that. It’s not a feeling I would wish on anybody."

ESPN has more:

"I know I'm not a risk," Johnson said. "I'm a highly intelligent person and I take pride in a lot of things I do in life. Like any other person, I'm going to make mistakes and I've made mistakes. I'm coming to Dallas to be a productive defensive lineman and really solidify what [team owner] Jerry Jones thinks of me."

"I think it's a great opportunity," Johnson said in a conference call from his home in Arizona. "As far as a last chance and all that stuff, I'm so focused on making this a great experience and being a Dallas Cowboy, I'm not really too wrapped up in what chance this is."

Johnson said the Cowboys "let me come in with open arms."

"They didn't talk about my background much," he said. "They talked about moving forward as a Cowboy."

"The 3-4 scheme is obviously one that's different than the one I ran in Chicago, but it's conducive to a player with my ability to get up the field and rush the passer," Johnson said. "I've played nose before and had success with it."

The Bears won on Sunday, but their fans aren’t satisfied. This article chronicles the fans meltdown on talk radio after the game.

In a way, you can't blame them. They gnawed their fingernails to the nub last season as Good Rex and Bad Rex made regular appearances, often during the same game. That's what they call quarterback Rex Grossman in this town: Good Rex ... Bad Rex. Good Rex throws touchdowns. Bad Rex throws screen passes off his back foot that float in the air longer than party balloons. Then they get intercepted and before you know it, Sam from Arlington Heights is saying the Bears QB is dumber than rocks.

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