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Wade Phillips press conference 9/19/07

Wade on Chicago: I see their QB winning games. Whatever it takes to win they have a great defense and special teams with Devin Hester. He probably will be the all-time best at returning kicks, he had 145 yards in returns last week and had a 95-yard TD return called back. Just a solid, outstanding team, they will be tough to play.

Nate Jones?
Jones cleared waivers. We’ll see about resigning. We’ll have a dime back (on Sunday), I don’t have an answer right now. There is a probability we’ll resign him.

How will you work Tank into the defense?
There’s a long time before that starts. Got a lot more to work on now.

Impressions of Tank, did you talk to him?
Yes, he said all the right things. There’s two kinds of guys. One that wants to get back to football and change his life, and the other that doesn’t care. He seems to be the former, he wants to get back to football. We did an extensive check on him in terms of how he is in the locker room and with coaches. That was all positive.

How much of a change will the 3-4 NT be for him?
He played NT for them. They play a shade nose in an offset 4-3, same technique we play. Not much transition at all, knowing the assignment and calls will be different. He’s played the same technique that Ferguson played.

Did you talk to Ratliff about the signing?
We started discussing this before Fergie was hurt. We did a background check, and a lot of investigating before we lost Jason. Nothing to do with Jay or really not much to do with Fergie being out.

Is the Bears defense measuring stick?
They’re an awfully good defense, solid, outstanding, and have been for a while. It will be interesting to see how the matchups go, see what we can do against them.

Don’t want to punt at all, but if we do, we’ll try keep it away from him. He’s a prolific player, want to keep it were he can’t return it. But you can’t always do that, you have to meet the challenge. Unless you just punt it out of bounds every time, but we don’t want to do that. Meet the challenge.

Using Ware in this defense?
He’s rushed on most pass plays, 80-something passing plays in two games against us. We change sides with him trying to get him involved.

RB rotation?
Whatever is best for our team, if we got bogged down with one or the other, then you are concerned. Fortunately they are different style runners and we run different plays for each.

How does Ware compare to other pass rushers you’ve had? (Stop with the stupid comparison questions about Ware! You get the same answer every week!)
Ed. note - Wade did say that they double-teamed him a lot which keeps guys from going out in the pattern and can be advantageous for the secondary even if he doesn’t get to the QB.

How does Romo’s ability to move effect a defense?
Mobile QB’s give problems, they can extend the length of the play and give you more opportunities if they can take advantage. Some guys can’t do it, throw the ball well on the move, Romo can still hit guys on the move like he does. A couple of plays he made against guys like (Jason) Taylor were amazing and he helped cause and interference call.

Did Roy have a better game because you could use him the way you wanted this week?
We did the same things with him in this game as in the game before. He had more opportunities and made more of them this week. I was just pleased with all of them, they stepped up and made plays.

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