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Jason Garrett will fill in for the suspended Wade Wilson

Mickey Spags discusses Roger Goodell’s suspension of Wade Wilson and the severity of the action. Five games was one more than Rodney Harrison got. Mickey wonders what a convicted felon like Mike Vick will get from Goodell; in comparison of the offenses, Vick’s crime is far worse.

But Vick’s crime didn’t touch on one thing, the integrity of the game. At least once the gambling part of it was taken out of the equation in the plea agreement. Wilson, on the other hand, was caught in an area that is a hot-topic right now - steroids in sports. With the problems major league baseball and professional wrestling have stirred up recently, Roger Goodell needs to get on top of this thing right away. Shawne Merriman’s suspension last year was the wake-up call for the league. The NFL doesn’t want to become major league baseball, where the legitimacy of its biggest star's accomplishments are questioned and also motivate Congress to investigate. It also sounds like a few more names will pop up from the operation run by the pharmacy that provided the substances in Wilson’s case. Roger Goodell is a busy man these days but he’s doing the right thing in trying to get the recent spate of bad behavior in the NFL under control.

I guess the question for me is why did Wilson get five games and Harrison only four? Was it an added penalty for being a coach? I’d like to hear Goodell’s explanation on that one.  

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Jason Garrett will have to fill the void. Wade Wilson isn’t even allowed at Valley Ranch under the rules of the suspension.

In Wilson's absence, offensive coordinator Jason Garrett and quality control coach Wes Phillips, who coached quarterbacks at Baylor last year, will take a more active role working with the quarterbacks.

Garrett spent the previous two seasons in Miami as the Dolphins' quarterbacks coach. He'll now take on more responsibility in his first year as a play-caller, and will work with a quarterback, Tony Romo, who is entering his first full season as a starter.

I like the sound of this from Wade Phillips.

The Cowboys still have to determine the eight players who will join the practice squad, and they could make a trade or sign another player who was released.

"You still want to upgrade no matter what or feel like you made an upgrade," Phillips said. "We're pretty close to who our team is going to be. There could be things that come up we need to discuss."

I hope those things you need to discuss are linebackers and cornerbacks.

The DMN blog has a letter to the editor by former Green Bay cornerback Herb Adderley, who was the man at his position back in the day. What’s this have to do with the Cowboys? He’s urging the Hall of Fame selection committee to get its act together and put Bob Hayes in the Hall of Fame.

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