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Wade Phillips press conference 9/20/07

I missed the first question but I think it was about Hester because Wade said: Be cautious about how many touches he gets.

How do you reduce the penalties?
We’ve had too many penalties, we work on that. We didn’t have them in preseason, maybe that lulled us into thinking we wouldn’t have them. Aggressive penalties are OK, but the post-play penalties, the spikes, using a prop, all those things will be eliminated. Just be accountable to each other and the team. The percentages say when you’re on offense and get a penalty, less chances at first downs, on defense you increase the other team’s chances. It hurts the team, that is what you emphasize. Be accountable to the team, those things cost points.

Do they just play the Tampa 2?

They change up coverage, not a predominate one thing. They will play 8-man fronts and 7-man fronts, they mix up their coverages, their LB’s can cover man-to-man and run with TE’s or backs. It allows them to mix it up.

Why do they get so many turnovers?
They are an aggressive team that puts pressure on the passer, they’re physical and can run. They don’t give up big plays; so you run a lot of small plays that could lead to a turnover.

Is Grossman a 3-step only QB?

They run a lot of play-action because they run the ball so well. But they use 3 or 5-step drops mostly, but they can do 7-step drops.

Crayton’s finger?
He caught the ball well today and caught punts. Just tape it up and go.

Olsen, the Bears injured TE?
Gifted athlete that can run, he will help their passing game. We expect him to play, it gives a middle threat, adds more speed at TE.

What about the WR’s?
Muhammad we played against at Atlanta, doesn’t have a lot of catches right now, but he’s a tough, physical receiver. He reminds me of Keyshawn Johnson, catch everything thrown at him and can go up for a ball. Chicago will try to run the ball, but they feel like they can throw it, feel like they can with a new TE and I expect more passes to the WR’s this week. But they will also try to run and get Benson his 100 yards.

Ratliff vs. Kreutz?
Their offensive line been together for a while, they are very good. The center is the mainstay, he’s a really good player, a big challenge for Jay inside. He’s a really good player, I don’t know if he’s been to a Pro Bowl but he should have. (Uh, he’s been invited to six, coach).

Will you play Carpenter more this week?
Probably. Depends on the game and what is going on, he’s backing up two positions. We’ve had so many passes against us, half of their offense last week was playing from behind, they didn’t run the ball the last 22 minutes of the game. We took Spencer out and put Hatcher in, put the pass rushers in.

How did Spencer play?
In the 3rd and 4th-quarter he played well. He’s getting better every week, he’s a gifted athlete. You have up-and-downs for rookies. Merriman didn’t start until the 4th game. We think the system is player friendly, he’s not making mental mistakes, just learning the techniques.

Can you run consistently against Chicago?
Many people can’t consistently run on them, but you have to do it, you can’t wing it every down, you have to establish a running game. That’s the challenge. That’s what we do defensively (take away the run and force the pass).

Is Hatcher a better pass rusher than Spencer?
Hatcher and Spencer are close, comparable.

Ellis this week?
I would say no. Won’t be game time, he will probably be out.

What do you say to Folk, how do you coach him?
Keep it between the posts. (laughter) My dad always picked the kicking coach by asking who doesn’t know anything about kicking, whoever raised their hand, he said you’re the kicking coach. (laughter) They pretty much know what they do. Steve Hoffman was good at coaching them. Most cases the kickers know all about what they do. We do coach him but we don’t get too technical. He kicks a straight ball which is good.

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