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Nate Jones and Tank Johnson can share a budget

The DMN blog has the lowdown on the Nate Jones re-signing, and we actually saved money in the deal.

When the Cowboys re-signed Nate Jones on Wednesday, they actually saved some money. Jones was on the books originally for $850,000 as a restricted free agent, but when he was brought back he was re-signed at the four-year minimum of $510,000, according to NFLPA figures.

They point out that Jones’ weekly haul went from $50,000/week to $30,000/week. Hey, that’s great money for most of us, but Jones has to be a little vexed that his budget just got slashed, Then again, they brought him back after he cleared waivers, so I guess he can be happy he’s still playing. The article also points out that Tank Johnson will make $30,000/week with his new deal. We’re paying the same for Nate Jones as Tank Johnson. I would have never guessed that a week ago.

The DMN has a long take on the JJ vs. MB3 debate. It’s worth a read as it covers all the territory we’ve been trekking over the last few months. It’s sure to bring a comment from BTB-regular and MB3 super-fan Burt-D. It also acknowledges the coaching staffs’ attempts at making sure no egos get bruised. Here’s Wade Phillips:

"I mean, this is our football team. All of these guys are important to me. I believe that, not because I'm trying to help one guy or whatever. I believe our football team is awfully good the way we're doing it and I believe in Julius just as much as I believe in Marion."

There are lots of other quotes and information in the article, so check it out.

This one is for BTB-regular dunkman. Nick Folk gets some ink.

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