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Cowboys vs. Bears: 5 Questions with Windy City Gridiron

This week’s 5 Questions segment is a two-fer. WCG over at the SB Nation Bears blog, Windy City Gridiron, and I exchanged the customary 5 Questions and I’ve posted his answers below. My answers can be found over at his place.

But, like I said, it’s a two-fer, and we both answered questions about our respective teams in this post over at AOL Fanhouse. So I guess it’s kind of like 10 Questions.

Here's WCG on the Bears.

Blogging The Boys: Without getting into Good Rex/Bad Rex, how else could this offense improve? Are there weapons not being utilized? Is the play-calling a problem?

Windy City Gridiron: I don't think anybody knows for sure.  Rex has not played poorly.  The second half of the KC game is the only time anybody thought he might have not played well.  I tend to think the play calling is the problem, though without knowing what was called I can not decipher between not calling good plays or the QB checking down over and over again. There are definitely weapons not being utilized.  Both Devin Hester and Garrett Wolfe having amazing speed and moves and per the coaches they have packages for both, but we have yet to see either used in any real capacity.  Muhammad hasn't been used much as well.

BTB: Did you agree with trading Thomas Jones? What's your take on Cedric Benson as the feature back?

WCG: I like Jones I wish we could have kept him and Benson, but neither of them were happy. Jones was faster, could get to the outside and was a better blocker. We drafted Benson with a #1 and paid him a ton to be our feature back, it was just a case of giving him that chance and not paying somebody that kind of money to be a backup.

My take on Benson is he will continue to progress the more time he has in.  He will be helped greatly if the passing game ever comes around. I think it is much too early to make a call on whether or not he can be a feature back.  I hope so.

BTB: If there is vulnerability with your defense, what is it? What have teams that have been successful against you done to get points?

WCG: In all Cover 2 defenses the weak spot is right in the middle.  A good tight end can reek havoc on a Cover 2.  You have to have a fast MLB to help out.   Fortunately we do. During the Chargers game, Antonio Gates had over a 100 yards receiving.  The next week Gonzo had 4 catches for 43 yards.

To score on the Bears you need a short field.  Long drives are not going to happen often against this team.  The longer you are out there, the chances of a turnover increase.  The Bears thrive on turnovers.  The Chargers 2 TDs came on a fumble and an unfortunate hop during a punt.  It gave them the short field and they capitalized. It also doesn't hurt to have the league's best RB, who can also throw the ball :)

BTB: Give us any injury news for the Bears this year and how their replacements are performing.

WCG: Nobody of note was out the first two games except Greg Olsen, we don't know on him. Mike Brown and Dusty Dvoracek are both out for the season now.  In the past Brown going down would have been a huge hit for our run D, but after picking up Archuleta in the offseason we are much better equipped to deal with him being gone.  Danieal Manning will come in for Brown and while he lacks experience in years, he did play a great deal last year, including as a starter.  He is the fastest guy we have back in the secondary, so coverage should actually improve.  Dariwn Walker will be the immediate fill in for Dvoracek. Most thought Walker would beat out Dvoracek for the stater role, no idea why that didn't happen.  Walker is a pass rush specialist, so with him next to Tommie Harris, the Bears can put some big time pressure on a QB.

BTB: Would you kick the ball to Devin Hester or just risk a bad kick by kicking out of bounds? Do teams squib their kickoffs or anything to avoid him?

WCG: Danieal Manning has been handling most of the kick offs.  Maybe with Manning in as starter that will change.

If I were a team with the Bears offense struggling like it is, I would kick it to whatever guy is sitting on the 30 and take my chances. Last year during the Bears actually tried to move Hester up to make him look like a blocker during one game, but the ball didn't go his way.

On punts, yes they still kick him the ball. The Chargers had good coverage and there were a few questionable fair catch calls that Hester made, but you saw what happens when KC didn't cover him.

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