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Romo watch

A Chicago newspaper doubts the anointed one, Tony Romo.

Nothing against Romo, the hottest Cowboy since Tim McGraw, but his rapid inclusion in conversations about the league's quarterbacking elite ignores the shoddy defensive teams that have helped Romo's blue star rise.

He has started against 13 defenses whose average rank is No. 22. Six of those defenses were ranked 25th or lower.

Actually, that’s a pretty interesting stat. But no matter, all will be revealed on Sunday Night Football.

Urlacher likes the Bears slightly altered defensive scheme.

"[Coordinator Babich] frees us up [and] gives us a chance to rush more because we're not playing as much Cover-2," said Urlacher, who has benefited from the change by getting his first sack in two years. "We stacked the box and tried to stop the run and make the quarterback beat us."

You got that right.

Consider this an open thread for Cowboys/Bears talk or NCAA football.

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