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Cowboys vs. Bears reading material

This game is taking too long to get here. After Georgia Tech played and lost on Saturday afternoon, I’ve had nothing to distract my attention from the upcoming clash with the Chicago Bears. This big-time, early-season contest has been discussed, dissected, and debated all week long. It’s the premiere game in any discussion about Week 3 in the NFL. Is it a preview of a future playoff clash featuring the same participants? It’s probably a little early to be thinking about things like that, but it clearly will give the winner the "big-dog" title in the NFC for another week.

Unfortunately, the game won’t be played until Sunday evening. I say unfortunately because while I like being the marquee matchup and playing under the lights with the whole country watching, I hate waiting all Sunday for the game to get here. It’s just too long of a wait and I get too keyed-up.

No more talking, time to play the game. But there is time for more reading, so here are some articles.

A general preview from

The Cowboys named four permanent captains for the season.

The Cowboys' captains for the 2007 season will be quarterback Tony Romo, tight end Jason Witten, linebacker Bradie James and special teams ace Keith Davis.

Todd Archer with more Romo stuff, including some quotes from Roger the Dodger.

I found this Romo nugget over at

QB Tony Romo's 3,172 yards in first 12 starts is second most in NFL history (Kurt Warner, 3,213).

The Bears have made a special effort at containing DeMarcus Ware.

Long AP article on the game.

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