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Cowboys making me giddy

Things I know:

Adam Archuleta got punked by Sam Hurd and MB3.

Anthony Henry is getting it done the past two games. 4 INT’s and 1 TD constitute getting it done.

Tony Romo has spider-sense in the pocket. Phenomenal.

Terrell Owens on the crossing pattern is money in the bank.

Jason Garrett must make the best halftime adjustments ever. Dallas points in the first half of games – 30. Dallas points in the second half of games – 86.

The defense is getting better with point totals going down from 35, to 20, to 10. That’s without Terence Newman playing significant minutes and with Greg Ellis playing none. We also get Tank Johnson on the field after the bye.

If Roy Williams would just wrap up on tackles, I wouldn't be so mad at him.

This offense could actually get better if they could eliminate penalties. Also, they could potentially add Terry Glenn to the mix later in the season.

The Cowboys are making me believe that this could be the year. I didn't say it was the year, but that it could be. I know it's only three games but this win has me giddy. I'm sure I'll be much more sober about it tomorrow.

A Todd Archer review of the game here, and an A.P. recap here.

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