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Wade Phillips press conference 9/24/07

Wade: Keith Davis hurt his right shoulder, has a sprain, we’ll see how he practices this week, but probably not on Weds. No Terry Glenn, Terence Newman will practice again this week and Greg Ellis is working his way up to playing. Oliver Hoyte has a neck impingement, should be better this week but we’ll still monitor it.

The team played well in all areas but we could play better, too many penalties. We will question some of those. Our offense, defense and ST assignments we did better this week. Techniques are getting better, bodes well for the season. Happy with winning, all our players knew how important the game was. But I told them we’ve just played 3 games, that’s 19% of the season, 81% left. That should get over to them; we’ve been successful for three games, but we’re measured on the whole season, keep working toward our goals one game at a time.

Game balls?
Gave out a bunch.

I didn’t hear the comment but something set Wade off about the Mr. Fix It comment and the grief the press gave him about that.
I did say it, the reason I said it, that I feel like I come in and coach a team and it gets better. I did say Mr. Fix It, but I’m tired of people demeaning me about it. If it’s ridicule, maybe it’s deserved, But I don’t appreciate it. You can write what you want to write, but it won’t be on my gravestone.

Has the defense improved?

We weren’t as bad as people thought the first game. We needed to find out areas to change and techniques to change, and get the coverages we need to play with these players. When Newman gets back some coverages could change. I think the players are playing better, our two safeties have played better, Henry was outstanding. The rush is getting better. We’re going to get around 40 passes a game, in one way it’s been tough on us but we are getting better as rushers, the rush was better in this game. Our guys are getting better.

Did you counsel Ware to have patience about sacks?
It’s so important for them to have those numbers in sacks. The mark for a pass rusher is the number of sacks. It was good to see them come, I said all along he’s getting pressure, and they double-team him, but they didn’t as much this game. Teams will get rid of the ball quicker to avoid it. I think sacks are down in the league.

Personal satisfaction in the start of the season?
Satisfaction for the players, they’ve worked hard and the staff has worked hard. I really don’t do a lot. Now I’ll be Mr. Don’t Do a Lot. (laughter) It’s really the coaches and the players themselves. Joe Jurazsek has done a great job, at the end of game we are powerful, and we’ve dominated the fourth quarter.

O-line played really well again. Could give them all a game ball for all three games. (Lots of vague grading the players talk but nothing about Flozell).

Were the penalties one-sided?

I don’t want to go that way because I don’t want any excuses. Penalties are mistakes and we try not to make them. Some will be incorrect, but a high percentage are correct and we need to eliminate them. There’s different kinds of penalties, pre-snap, post-snap, in-play, try to get into specific areas, point them out in meetings every week. We blame it on ourselves.

Explanation from officials about the end of half?
I got an explanation, I said we should have time left, he said the clock keeps running on a sack. I said it was 4th down and as soon as a sack is made, time should stop. He then said the time ran out. I’ll talk to Mike Perrera about the review. I think they were incorrect.

Special teams?

There is always going to be something wrong, the blocked FG wasn’t a good play. But overall, we only had two punt returns and didn’t lose field position against a great returner. Tried to kick it to #71 on the kickoff bit it went out of bounds. We went for it on 4th down because of the percentages, and still felt we could stop them if we didn’t get it. We needed the 32-yard line to be in FG range. I tried to get the ball snapped for a penalty on them but they called a timeout. Then we went for it.

Did Romo talk you into going for it on 4th-down?

No. They didn’t have to lobby, I was thinking about it already. I tried to get a call of 12-men on the field but we didn't snap it, they called the timeout so that gave me time to go for it.

Blocked FG?
It was preventable, that close we should get it off without that kind of penetration. He (the Bears player) did the same thing 2 weeks before. We did stop the fake, had all their guys covered. We had a lot of good plays that overrides the bad play.

Question about vague stuff like keeping the team focused, not get too high, etc. But this comment was interesting in Wade’s answer.
The flight attendants asked me before the game "what did you to these guys?" They said that the players were studying all the way on the plane for the whole flight. That’s when I knew we could win.

Rotate the D-line more?
Not much more than usual. Trying to keep them fresh but we still want important players in there at the right time. Even Remi made a big play. Everyone has their role. At the end of the game we were coming hard.

Did well in man-to-man but his zone was rusty. He wanted to return a punt when we were up by 17, I said not now. I think he will be the punt returner here in the future. I want him to feel good about being in the game, said it hurt a little but he got through it. It was an important step. It’s pain, not an injury.

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