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Wade's World: it's party time, it's excellent

Don Banks over at loves him some Wade Phillips.

Jerry Jones knew what he was doing when he hired Wade Phillips to replace Bill Parcells. The move was derided by many, but Phillips has quickly proven to be an inspired choice. He has just the right temperament and laid-back approach to life to follow the gruff, tough-guy act that a Parcells-coached team always tires of in about four or five years.

The Cowboys had the talent. Now they've got the mojo too. Their decisive win at Chicago on Sunday night announced their presence as the NFC's team to beat this season. Phillips is no Jones-maneuvered hand puppet. He's the right guy at the right time in Dallas.

Everybody is jumping on the Wade Phillips bandwagon. Here’s another article from the DMN on Wade’s World.

Wade’s World, Wade’s World
It's Party Time, It's Excellent
Wade’s World, Wade’s World
It's Party Time, It's Excellent
(with apologies to Mike Myers)

BTB-regular Starred4Life has a diary up on Julius Jones and his recent concussion troubles. I hadn’t read about it so I’m posting part of the DFW S-T article on the subject.

Running back Julius Jones said he is looking into trying a new helmet after suffering a second concussion in the first three games of the season.

Jones was not listed on the team's injury report Monday.

He said he suffered a slight concussion in the fourth quarter against the Bears. Jones said that is why he didn't return to the game.

He had a concussion earlier in the season? That’s news to me.

Watch Tony Romo tonight on Inside The Huddle with his special guest, stud linebacker Bradie James. You can watch it at Inside The Huddle,  LIVE tonight from 8-9pm central time.

Looks like the Cowboys might have driven the nail in Rex’s coffin.

I'll have the Cowboys/Bears film review up later today.

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