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Wade Phillips press conference 9/27/07

Wade: We practiced indoors, too hot outside. Carpenter practiced, looks like he’ll be all right, Newman practiced the nickel. Ellis practiced more today, I’d say he’s 50/50 for the game. Good practices yesterday and today.

Courtney Brown?

He hurt his arm, his bicep, out for a week or two, out this game. He was going to be up for Davis, but he will be out now. Davis did not practice. (Emergency safety?) Nate Jones is Mr. Versatile, don’t put that tag on him. (laughter) He’s a valuable guy to have, he knows all positions, played some safety today. Ken Hamlin would be the backup SS, Watkins the backup FS, Nate the emergency safety.
(Sorry Burt-D, no Courtney this week.)

JJ injury?
He’s good. The trainers have said it’s not a problem.

Why are you optimistic about Greg Ellis?
He practiced more today, in the team drills, and the dime, not a lot, but some. (Did you talk to him today?) I talked to him. After practice today. (Would you bring him along slowly like Newman?) Similar to Newman, if he played you bring him in on a few plays, bring him in on what he does best, pass rush. (He didn’t sound confident this morning?) I think you need to talk to him again. He practiced and seemed confident. We’ll still got tomorrow and Saturday, so it’s still 50/50, but I feel better about it.

Anthony Spencer?
A talented guy, had to change positions, worked him a lot in preseason, played the most plays then, and the more he’s played the better feel he gets for it. It's more about using his ability and getting comfortable. He has 2 sacks (Wade counts the Manning 2-pt conversion sack) in three games, he’s getting pressure, good against the run.

Chris Canty?
He’s playing well. Nobody runs the ball on us on his side, only the Giants got 100 yards rushing and they ran against our pass defense, he’s had no trouble in the running game. (Disruptive?) Has one sack and just missed one. He’s doing fine. He’s so powerful and tall, he can reach over people, plays good technique. They have to double him when he lines up over the guard, it frees up the linebacker.

How can you get pressure on a 3-step drops?
We tipped some balls (on 3-step drops), you’re not going to get a rush but get the hands up. A good QB on 3-step drop will get rid of it. 5-step drops are hard because of the rhythm, Bulger is great at it, he throws it before the receivers break. Last week he didn’t get touched except for one sack. He gets rid of the ball.

What’s the basis for the D-line rotation?
Try to get guys in that can help you. They’re playing good enough and working hard enough, you give them a chance to play some. It’s not a fatigue thing, but I think they can help us in situations. (What about fatigue for Ratliff?) We watch Ratliff more than anybody, he plays nose guard and lines up inside on the dime defense, rushing the passer. He’s in great shape, he works hard, has a great motor, he doesn’t slow down. Want the best players on the field and he’s one of them, he’s not a slow down kind of guy.

Stephen Bowen?
Good knack for the pass rush, works hard at it, talented in that area, try to work him in there. (Including standing up?) We have a scheme that’s a little different that we move guys around, used it a couple of games and it worked. But not specifically for him to stand up.

Not much in practice today. (Did not having Hoyte that change the way you used the TE’s in the game?) We used 2-TE’s more because the other guy is a rookie, but Anderson did a good job when he was in there. A lot of ways to use two TE’s, can use one of them as a FB.

Ellis just in on pass rush if he plays?
He would be like Newman, put him in pass rush situations instead of every down, if you bring him back slowly. (Would he start instead of Spencer?) We’re not worried about that, they aren’t worried about, the team isn’t. If and when he comes back we got three guys that can rush from the outside. I can rotate all three of them.

More on Newman?
His foot is better, he’s got tendinitis now, that’s what is holding him back, the foot is much better. We got the foot pretty much OK, but that’s what’s bothering him.

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