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Jerry Jones on PTI

Jerry Jones made an appearance on PTI with Wilbon and Kornheiser for 5 Good Minutes. Here’s a rough paraphrase of the interview.

PTI: Were you worried about Romo overcoming the Bobble before you give him a new contract?

JJ: No, that was as a holder, not QB. He knows how to recover like a golfer who makes a bad shot. What we didn’t know, what Jason Garrett didn’t know, was about his emphasis on ball security. He makes big plays but sometimes they're risky. Wanted to know if he could be more conservative but still make the big plays.

PTI: Give him a contract now?

JJ: Romo will be our QB for years to come, he knows that we feel that way and he's comfortable here. This has given us time to evaluate, he’s still only started a small number of games. We know he can QB us to meet our goals.

PTI: Tank Johnson, why did you do it?

JJ: One, he’s a top football player, if you are going to get better this time of year by acquisition, it’s usually because a player has some issues. We carefully evaluated him, talked to everybody, we’re satisfied he can help us and he’s got the incentive now.

PTI: Do you have the feeling this is a Super Bowl team.

JJ: When we won the Super Bowl the last time, my 3rd, I traded everything I had with the man upstairs for that win. Now many years later, I’m gathering up things that I can trade him, promise to do this or that, in hopes of having enough stuff for another trade.

They asked him about Troy Aikman saying Jerry sometimes puts winning ahead of character, but his answer was a non-descript "sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t."

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