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Cowboys vs. Rams reading material, plus a video meltdown

Here’s some stuff to read this morning. Nick Eatman covers the Greg Ellis situation while Mickey Spags and the DMN discuss the absence of Terry Glenn and what the Cowboys have done to make it work. I’ll give you a hint, throw to T.O. and Witten. Anthony Spencer gets some love here, and the downfall of the Rams offense is chronicled here. In conclusion, Jason Garrett learned from some of the best.

But if you’d rather watch than read, check out Shango’s hilarious Dallas Cowboys take on the Mike Gundy coaching meltdown from last week.

And yes, Shango and I are still doing the Shango and Grizz Show twice a week, where two 70’s-style cop rejects discuss the Cowboys in the year 2007. The link to that show and other Shango videos is always at the top-right.

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