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Open thread - Cowboys go 4-0 edition

OK, is Tony Romo a freaking magician or what? On that play where the ball was going over his head I kept thinking, "Just fall on it Tony. Don’t let them recover and don’t get hurt." Turns out Romo was thinking the same thing.

"Don't give up a touchdown," [Romo] said, "and don't get killed."

Good thing he didn’t listen to either of us. The guy is walking miracle waiting to happen.

Issac Bruce’s guarantee didn’t sit well with some of the Cowboys.

"I think the (Rams' defensive backs) hate that he made that statement," Crayton said of Bruce's comments. "Because they were the ones that had to pay for that. He didn't play against our offense. Their defense played against our offense. So they had to pay for what he said. I think you should always be careful for what you say when you go to another man's yard."

But leave it to T.O. to provide the best quote on that issue.

"Roger Goodell, you might want to get him drug tested," T.O. said, "because I don't know what he was thinking about."

Anthony Henry has a high ankle sprain, which is not good. Those things are tricky, but at least he wasn’t in a boot.

CB Anthony Henry has a high ankle sprain. No official timetable yet, but those are the nasty kind that tend to take a while to go away.

On the bright side, it wasn't so severe that Henry had to put a walking boot on his foot. He watched the second half in street clothes and regular, old shoes. He didn't appear to be limping as he walked off the field.

Feel free to use this as an open thread for comments on the Cowboys as they are 4-0 on the season. Also, use this as an open thread for the Sunday night game between the Giants and the Eagles.

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