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All ears on Wade this afternoon

Wade Phillips has a press conference scheduled for 4 PM EST today, but I will be away from the computer at that time. So if any of you listen to it and feel ambitious, post a transcript, or at least the highlights, in a diary and I’ll move it to the front page when I get back.

The DMN blog has some updates:

*LB Kevin Burnett had the last six of the 12 staples taken out of his ankle yesterday. "It's slow, but it's going," Burnett said when asked how he feels. Burnett will have a better idea about his status for Sunday after he tests the ankle by running today.

*CB Terence Newman appeared to plant pretty hard on his right foot and bolt the locker room when he saw a swarm of reporters heading his way. Reckon you can take that as a good sign. He said he'll chat with us Friday.

*Nothing new on LB Greg Ellis or WR Terry Glenn.

And they also have this piece on T.O.

T.O. was asked about telling Time Magazine that Peyton Manning and Donovan McNabb top his list of QBs he'd want to see with the Cowboys. He shot a hole in any developing controversy, saying the interviewer said he couldn't include Tony Romo.

"At the end, I did put Tony in there," T.O. said, although that comment apparently got hacked out by a Time copy editor.

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