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Midweek Cowboys update

I missed the afternoon press conference with Wade Phillips today, I know, I’m a total slacker. Luckily, BTB-regulars dunkman and Burt-D covered it in diaries here and here. I also caught up on things over at the DMN blog where Tim MacMahon is typing as fast as his fingers will go. Kudos to Tim for approaching the all-time record of blog posts in a single afternoon.

Collating all the information from the press conference and other sources into a readable post produced this:

Terry Glenn practiced today and looked OK doing it.

Terence Newman, Greg Ellis and Kevin Burnett didn’t practice. Jerry Jones sounds optimistic that Newman will play on Sunday, not so much with Greg Ellis. Burnett is going to test himself tomorrow.

Wade reiterated that we have to be able to run the ball on the Giants because of guys like Osi Umenyiora who can give you trouble if you are passing too much.

Terrell Owens was not going to be baited into questions about Bill Parcells or Plaxico Burress, but he did offer some thoughts on dog fighting. From the DMN blog:

He made it clear that he does not condone dogfighting, but he said it is part of the culture in some parts of the south. He admitted attending a dog fight while growing up in Alabama.

T.O. compared dogfighting to deer hunting


Advice to T.O., stay clear of this subject or just condemn it, anything else doesn’t serve you well. He also said the offense would pick up the slack for the defense if some of the guys are out. Now that’s the kind of comments we like to hear.

Giants coach Tom Coughlin is still not sure if Michael Strahan will play, and CB Sam Madison unexpectedly returned to practice even though most reports had him out for another week or two. No word yet if he’ll actually play.

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