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Dallas Cowboys article roundup

The local Dallas papers are filled with stories about the Cowboys today. Especially the DFW S-T, which in the offseason was so dead that I actually wrote a couple of times that someone in the area needs to go over to their offices and poke the sportswriters with a stick to wake them up. I’m not going to re-cap the articles, just go over there if you’re interested. But I will highlight one article; if you want the lowdown on what T.O. really said yesterday, go here. Or you can go to this MSNBC article which leads with this quote from T.O. - "I am expecting an explosive year." Good, that’s why I dropped the nickname TNT on Terrell and Terry, because they’re explosive!

Tony Romo gets a long write up in the DMN. But this photo shoot video I’m not so sure about, it’s kind of goofy.

Wade Phillips also gets the treatment from the DMN.

Nick Eatman, over at, takes a look at the injury situation and tries to make sense of it all.

And finally, Brad Sham gives some major love to long-snapper L.P. Ladouceur. We never talk about L.P., that’s because he does his job so well.

Hat tip to Nelson for the MSNBC article.

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