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Wade Phillips press conference (9/6/07)

I’ve made an editorial decision for the Wade Phillips press conferences. I will no longer post the answers to questions from the press that I deem lame, unless Wade actually says something of interest in the answer. Some of the questions these guys ask are such a waste of time. Why do they do it? Anyway, here’s Wade’s press conference minus some answers to lame questions.

Wade’s opening: Kevin Burnett practiced, Greg Ellis didn’t, Terry Glenn didn’t because he had some swelling in the knee, we kept him out of practice. Terence Newman didn’t practice.

Do you need to see Newman do anything before the game on Sunday?

I want to see him go full speed, which could be the day of game, we have an hour and a half before the game. Same thing with Terry Glenn or Kevin Burnett.

Concerned about the injuries?

We’re preparing for the game and going forward with that. I hope they play. (sarcastically>>) Hurd’s playing, Miles Austin is playing, Terrell is playing, Witten’s playing, Romo, Jacques is playing. It’s a game and the Dallas Cowboys will show up. You don’t always have the same players every week. I expect a great effort.

Can you play Ellis without much practice, he’s missed all of training camp?

Greg Ellis and Terry Glenn are both vets, they’ve been in the meetings and know exactly what to do.

Is this special opening game back at Texas, blah, blah, emotionally how do you feel, blah, blah. The media is sooooo lame.

Justin Rogers? (Thank you for asking that, we haven’t heard anything about him yet, how about getting us a check on Evan Oglesby tomorrow?)

He’ll help us on special teams, that’s why we got him, he did good things in NE on special teams. Comfortable playing him as LB? He knows what to do, the assignments, but hasn’t gone through them like everybody else, but if we needed him in a pinch he could play. But we got Bobby Carpenter ahead of him in subbing at OLB.

Jacques Reeves in practice?

Reason we kept him is because he does good things, to step up and start in practice (with Newman absent), I’m pleased with the way he is competing, and he’s doing good things.

Do you have to guard against putting too much stuff in with an extra day? (Ugggh, did someone actually sit around and think of this question beforehand?)

Is Hurd or Austin the primary #3 WR if Glenn is out?

Yes, probably Sam, depending on the position we need. Sam’s the #3 guy though without Glenn.

Backup punt returner? (Good question)

Working several guys, Marion Barber worked some, Anthony Henry and Roy Williams all catch the ball well enough if we get in an emergency. It would probably be Barber, he did it in college.

Are you looking for just a guy who can secure the ball, Crayton is known as a safe punt returner but not much afterwards?

Crayton average 7 yards a return, he did some good things last year. Our punt return team has fast guys and good blockers, they should give him an opportunity. But you look at securing the football first after your primary returner, if you’re down to the 3rd emergency guy, you want someone to secure the football.

Is Spencer ready?

We’ll find out. We think he’ll do well. He’s picked it up more so this week, told him he looked like a LB to me this week. Not a lot of rookies start their first game. What’s improved this week? Just getting a feel for what to do, not hesitating, and getting comfortable, he’s practiced every snap with the first group.

Is Rogers going to play this week?

We’re getting him ready if Burnett and Ellis are out, we would need him there and need LB’s for special teams, too. That’s the good thing about the 3-4, you get 8 LB’s for special teams, in a 4-3 you have 8 DL which isn’t as much help on special teams. But the first thing for Rogers is special teams.

What aspect of the team are you not concerned with this week? (Lame, he’s not going to answer that directly before the first game of the season.)

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