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Terry Glenn to see several doctors about his knee

Here’s the DMN on the Terry Glenn situation.

According to several sources, the veteran wide receiver reinjured his surgically repaired right knee and could miss two weeks, if not more. Glenn's agent, Jimmy Gould, said no decisions have been made, and Glenn will seek advice from several doctors.

The Cowboys' official Web site initially reported that Glenn would miss the season, quoting owner and general manager Jerry Jones. But shortly thereafter, the Web site amended the story to say Glenn will be sidelined at least two weeks.

Glenn began running routes Saturday and worked his way into a full practice Wednesday, but his knee swelled, and he was held out of Thursday's practice. The current injury is not believed to be related to the earlier surgery.

So it’s a new injury? Weird. This story just doesn’t sound good. Consulting other doctors could indicate a difference of opinion somewhere.

On the positive side, I’ve liked Patrick Crayton for a while and thought he could be a #2 WR in this league. We’ll get to see now, at least for a couple of weeks. Behind him is Sam Hurd who I also have confidence in. Wide receiver was one of our strongest positions, so this one isn’t as bad as OLB or CB. But still, we’ll miss a player like Terry Glenn, especially if he is out for the season.

This brings me back to something else. Shouldn’t someone for the Dallas Cowboys website say something about what happened? If it was a hack or spoof, let us know. Maybe they didn’t even know about it. Well, I’ve alerted them to it if they didn’t. I asked for a response from them.

If it wasn’t a fake then they put up an article that said Terry Glenn would be out for the season and had a quote from Jerry Jones that seemed to confirm it. Rob Phillips wrote it (if it wasn’t a fake), so either he was messing around with some creative fiction that just happened to get posted, or Jerry Jones thought Glenn was out, and the Cowboys website posted the info before they changed their mind, for whatever reason. I guess that’s what we want to know, was the original article true, and what happened twenty minutes later when it was no longer operational. I’m just saying. At least tell us someone hacked the site and posted fraudulent information. If not, don’t we deserve some kind of explanation?

In the absence of information, conspiracies will fill the vacuum. My immediate thought was that the Cowboys were working on a trade to fill his spot and they didn’t want other teams to know they were desperate. But that seems wrong now. Why would Jones even tell anybody until after the fact if that was the case, especially a media entity? My other theory is that the Cowboys doctors think Glenn is done, but Glenn wants to get other opinions. Maybe Jerry jumped the gun and Glenn’s agent said hold the phone until we get another opinion here; maybe it has to do with injury settlements, or being placed on IR, maybe he's trying to get Terry through the weekend so he is on the roster for the first game. I don’t know if any of that makes sense anyway because I can't keep up with the Byzantium rules of NFL contracts.

Then again, maybe it was a simple fake, a clever hack or spoof that fooled me and other Cowboy fans. Either will let us know, or if Glenn is suddenly out for the season in the next few days, we’ll know there were other motives afoot.

OK, on to other things. Now we know why Wade Wilson was using the banned substances. He was trying to battle impotence caused by his diabetes. This actually explains a lot, like why Jerry Jones didn’t appear upset at all by what happened, he had been told the truth. Read the article and you can see what Wilson says sounds absolutely true. The only problem I guess is that he wasn’t getting the stuff legally from a doctor and the NFL had to act. Good to know the whole story now, which was probably hidden because of the stigma of impotence.

Wow, the Colts smoked the Saints. I thought the Saints might be the best team in the NFC, but this certainly doesn’t help confirm that.

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