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Wade Phillips press conference (9/7/07)

Wade: Terry Glenn will not play Sunday, it’s another injury not related to the first one, two days ago in practice he hurt his knee. We are gathering information and will have some other people look at it. We don’t know anything beyond Sunday. It’s a blow not to have him in this game but I told them all along there are no excuses, were not cry-babies, if we don’t have a player someone else will have to step-up and play.

Did you discuss putting him on IR?

We’re gathering information and trying to determine his status beyond Sunday.

Was it good that Crayton played all preseason in Glenn’s absence?
It’s unfortunate for Terry, but it was good that we had other guys working in the preseason, we have confidence in them. Everybody moves up one notch (on the depth chart).

Will Crayton still return punts?
Patrick will do it in this game. He’s the most proficient and has done it before.

Newman status?
He did some running yesterday, it’s TBD. We haven’t gone out today so I don’t know how he is. It will be a game-time decision and probably Burnett, too. Although Burnett practiced yesterday.

How did Burnett look?

He practiced, he looked all right. He was a little gimpy but he’s coming off surgery and they tell me it will be a few days before he feels comfortable.

How has the team reacted to all this news?

From the first when we got here we said there are no excuses, no excuses for anything, for being late or anything, there are no excuses. Someone else needs to step up and play, that’s part of the accountability to each other. We’re not going to whine or cry, there’s no crying in football.

More about Crayton?

Crayton is dependable, a heady player, he will be in the right place. I said before somehow he’s always open, he’ll run a crossing route and the defenders get mixed up, he fakes a guy and the defender falls down, he’s been really open in preseason. He has a knack for getting open from the slot. He can play outside too and will have to. (Emergency QB?) Crayton is the emergency QB.

How does this affect what you want to do with T.O.?
Doesn’t affect it as much as you’d think. It probably affects what they (the Giants) want to do against him. I look at it from the other side. They are going to pay more attention to him, make us beat them elsewhere. But he’s going to get doubled anyway; we’ll move him around some to get a better match-up.

Do all the WR’s know all spots?

All of them know it basically, they’re sharp and versatile, all could play the X or Z, not all could play the slot.

How do you stretch the field without Glenn?

You don’t have to be the fastest guy to catch it deep, sometimes you just beat the coverage. Sometimes we get a WR on safety, I think he (Crayton) will be able to threaten them, at least he has in practice. He’s caught some long plays there. He’s not speed-deficient. But I think they’ll lean more to Terrell.

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