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Injury updates

OK, here’s the latest injury updates.

Starting with the easiest, Greg Ellis is officially out for the Sunday game. In other news, Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.

Next up, the continuing saga of Terry Glenn, via Todd Archer, has now come down to this:

The decision on whether Terry Glenn wants to attempt to play this year rests in his hands.

Officially out for Sunday's season opener against the New York Giants because of a right knee injury suffered in Wednesday's practice, there is a real chance he will not play at all this season.

According to sources, if Glenn has an arthroscopic procedure on his knee, he could miss a few weeks, but if he has a micro-fracture surgery, then he will not play in 2007 and his career could be in jeopardy. There is no guarantee the arthroscopic surgery will fix the cartilage problem.

Sounds pretty easy to me, have the arthroscopic surgery and see what happens; a micro-fracture surgery at this point is pretty much saying the career is over.

Earlier today, posted in a diary by Deke via the DMN blog, we get the latest on Terence Newman.

"I'm trying to push myself, but at the same time, I'm trying to be smart about it," Newman said in his long-awaited meeting with the media. "Like I said, there's 16 games. The better off I am for the majority of the games, the better we'll be."


"I haven't had to react to anybody else," Newman said. "That's the thing that makes me nervous."

Newman plans to cover a receiver running routes in the hours before Sunday night's game. If the pain isn't excruciating, he'll probably get a cortisone shot and play against the Giants.

No news until Sunday. If I was betting, I would say he isn’t playing this week. He just doesn’t sound very confident.

Finally, Kevin Burnett will also be a game-time decision according to Wade Phillips. Also, were are not whiners or cry-babies, according to Wade Phillips. Maybe we could get that made up into a T-shirt slogan for the season. Nah, we’ll go with the other phrase of the day – no excuses.

On the possible replacement for Glenn front, the Cowboys have expressed some interest in Reche Caldwell. Super-journalist Todd Archer is on the case.

Todd Archer reports that the Cowboys contacted the agent for WR Reche Caldwell yesterday. Caldwell led Patriots' receivers with 760 yards and four TDs last season but was cut after New England significantly upgraded its WR corps.

BTB-regular Arkcowboys asked about Caldwell in this diary. Good call.

Shango and Grizz (my alter ego) are continuing the videos like at training camp throughout the season. Except somehow they morphed into a bad 70’s buddy-cop TV show. If you want to watch the train wreck, use the link at the top right.

Nick Eatman comments on Patrick Crayton’s ever-expanding role on the team. How many jobs you got man?

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