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Mosley: Source says Terry Glenn is done for the season

Matt Mosley follows up on the mysterious disappearing story of Terry Glenn’s season-ending knee injury.

In the interest of clarity, Hashmarks has learned that the original version may have been more accurate. Late Thursday night, a member of the organization told me Glenn was indeed finished for the season, but that the Cowboys decided (a little too late) to hold off on making the announcement.

Mosley seems to be confirming the idea that Terry Glenn is out for the year. In addition, if it’s micro-fracture knee surgery that he needs, then not only could he be done for this year, but his career could be over. Glenn is a 33-year old receiver that depends a lot on his speed for his success. He also has great hands and runs nice routes, but coming back from that kind of surgery might be too much to overcome.

Hat tip to kingbillito who posted the Mosley link in the comments.

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