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Cowboys vs. Giants reading material

Usually on late Friday or early Saturday before a game I do a preview. But I’m skipping that this week because I haven’t watched the New York Giants play at all in the preseason and I haven’t been keeping up with them beyond the occasional Tiki Barber comments or Michael Strahan hold-out stories. I could go back to last year where I do know some things, like Osi Umenyiora is good, but they are under a new defensive coordinator so what they did last year might not be applicable. And on offense, Tiki is no longer there and I can’t really predict how Brandon Jacobs will do, although I think he has talent. Basically, I would just be repeating stuff I’ve heard or read instead of forming an opinion based on what I see. And I hate doing that.

At least next week I’ll have a game to watch for our opponent and can make some basic assumptions about them. So instead of a review, here’s some reading material from various sources about the game and the Giants.

General review of the game and it’s a long one.

The New York Daily News breaks down the Giants roster.

Rick Gosselin discusses the new leaders for New York.

MSNBC has a general preview.

As always, you can visit Big Blue View for all kinds of Giants reading material.

Also, consider this an open thread for college football today. There are a few good games going on this Saturday.

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