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Season opener roll call

Happy Dallas Cowboys Season Opener 2007

Toby says: Arf, arf - do the doggy bounce.

photo source: Football Fanatics

Are you guys ready? I am most definitely ready.

Since it’s the opening game of the season, it seemed an appropriate time for a roll call. Sign in and you will be on the official BTB roster for this year and your contract will be guaranteed. As for your paycheck, it will be in the mail - all 14 cents of it. Hey, we're not exactly Jerry Jones-rich around here.

Everybody who has an account sign in on the roll call. If you’re a lurker, now is the time to get an account so you can get your contract guaranteed for the season. Too bad there’s no money in the coffers. But you guys could help me out by clicking on the ads every once in a while.

Welcome to another Dallas Cowboys football season here at BTB. Let’s hope this one ends with us winning the Lombardi.

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