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Cowboys coaches getting the calls

The news is all about the coaching staff today.

Tony Sparano is going to interview with the Atlanta Falcons on Friday. He might be battling his own coaching compatriot for that job but Jason Garrett has not yet agreed to an interview.

Atlanta, which finished 4-12 and saw coach Bobby Petrino leave for Arkansas with three games to play, has received permission to speak with offensive coordinator Jason Garrett and assistant head coach Tony Sparano about its vacancy, according to sources.

Sparano is scheduled to meet with the Falcons on Friday in Dallas, but Garrett has yet to agree to an interview, the sources said.

Meanwhile, Garrett’s name is also being kicked around in Baltimore after the Ravens fired Brian Billick. Here’s a story about what’s going on in Baltimore.

Back in Miami, Jeff Ireland is interviewing for the GM job which most people believe is a foregone conclusion. We’ll wait and see, we’ll also have to see if Jerry Jones makes an issue out of the timing of the hire, if it happens. Here’s a story from a Miami paper about the GM job.

If you have any other coaching news or updates, put them in the comments or create a diary.

Jerry Jones has had a pretty good year.

Nick Eatman looks ahead to the playoffs.  

Just when you thought the Tony and Jessica stories were over, I bring you not just one, but two, Tony and Jess gossip blurbs. Tom Brady is giving Romo advice on his love life?

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