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Three Cowboys made the All-Pro team and two Cowboys made the second team.

For the first time since 2003, the Cowboys were represented on the Associated Press All-Pro team.

Wide receiver Terrell Owens, tight end Jason Witten and outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware were named to the All-Pro team Wednesday.

Offensive guard Leonard Davis and offensive tackle Flozell Adams were second-team selections.

Congrats to those Cowboys. And hat tip to CTBoy for posting it in a diary.

Update [2008-1-10 12:3:29 by Dave Halprin (Grizz)]: Updating the "All-Pro" theme, Dr. Z has his All-Pro list and he likes the Cowboys. Jason Witten, Flozell Adams, DeMarcus Ware, and Terence Newman made his list. Adams made the list partly because he shut down Osi twice. Shades of this weekend? But I have to say, some of Dr. Z’s other picks are kinda crazy.

Here’s your Romo vs. the media update. Romo’s answers to the media yesterday can be found, here. JJT gives an impassioned defense of Romo, here. Todd Archer is more matter-of-fact, here. And Brad Sham decided it was time for to jokingly join the circus.

I saw a lot of clips of Romo yesterday taking questions and I did notice one thing, he seemed a little perturbed with the media. He had just a bit of an edge when discussing his private life. I’m hoping this translates into a "stick it to everybody" attitude on Sunday and he absolutely shreds the Giants defense.

But this guy over at is more intent on shredding Romo. He’s put together a collection of stats that say Romo folds down the stretch of the past two seasons and that he is not a big-game player.

So far in his career, Romo has had six truly bad games, which we'll define by a passer rating under 60. Five of those games have come in his eight December starts.


The numbers bear this out: Romo has been sacked just 25 times in 19 career starts from September through November (1.3 per game), but 22 times in nine games the rest of the season (2.4 per game).

No quarterback likes to get hit, but Romo dislikes it more than most. And when teams are able to reach him -- no easy task, because the Cowboys' offensive line is awfully good -- it affects Romo more than most quarterbacks. He rushes throws, gets skittish in the pocket, makes mistakes. Costly ones.

There’s a lot more Romo-bashing in the article if you care to read it.

Cowboys obsession – love it. Over at they have four hot topics about the playoffs. In three of the four, they mostly talk about the Giants/Cowboys game. And they’re mostly hating on the Cowboys. The better we get, the more they hate us!

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