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Cowboys vs. Giants: One more look

It’s playoff weekend! The divisional round is set to kickoff this afternoon although our beloved ‘Boys won’t be in action until late Sunday. So let’s take a final look at some of the ‘issues’ going into the game.

The Giants are a little perturbed by the mouth that roared, Patrick Crayton. Ever since T.O. became a pod-person, Crayton has taken over the mantle as the most outspoken Cowboy. He delivered a little fuel to the fire this week.

But just like the shot Tampa Bay cornerback Ronde Barber took at receiver Plaxico Burress last week, the words of Dallas receiver Patrick Crayton were indeed accurate.

Crayton said, "If T.O. is at 85 or 90 percent, that's better than most receivers in this league. He can still run by you. Just ask Sam Madison."

Noted trash-talker Brandon Jacobs refused to join the verbal banter.

So it turns out that Romo’s Mexican getaway is all the fault of Terrell Owens. Remember back after Jessica showed up on FOX so often during the Eagles games and Romo was horrible? And Owens made a few comments about Jess? Well, he tried to make up for it by sending Romo and Co. on a little vacation.

"You know what man, I'll let the cat out of the bag - that was my was my apology trip to Jessica and Romo, so I sent them on that trip, you know, to get away for the bye week," Owens said.

Deion: "So you footed the whole bill?"

Owens: "I was just trying to correct a harmless, a little joking manner that I did weeks prior, just making a little joke or something, and the media kind of took it out of context, and Tony was really concerned about her being upset, so, I'll let it out of the bag."

Deion: "So no matter what you do, you still find a way to be in the media and mess it up."

Owens: "You know, outside of that it doesn't really matter what a person does during the off-time. That's his personal life. What if he would have gone over there with his family to Cabo or what if he would have gone over there with myself?"

Terence Newman says he is healthy.

Nick Eatman is tired of everybody jumping on the Giants bandwagon and dissing the Cowboys.

I think he’s referring to predictions like this:

Giants (+7.5) over COWBOYS: Forget about bubble-headed starlets and T.O.'s ankle and all that nonsense. The Cowboys haven't been sharp for a long time, the Giants have been quite sharp and Tony Romo, in the end, isn't all that good. Final score: Giants 23, Cowboys 20.

The Giants knew it, we knew it, and the Cowboys knew it although they pretended like they didn’t; T.O. is playing. The Giants talk about it in this article, but it’s a Dallas player who has a request for T.O.

Cornerback Terence Newman said his defensive teammates just wish Owens wouldn't score so fast.

"T.O. has, what, 30 touchdowns? And half of them are 80 yards or longer? That just puts [the defense] right back on the field," Newman said jokingly yesterday. "But seriously, having him is definitely huge for us. It's going to take a lot of pressure off Tony and the running game, especially when you've got to designate two people on him and take a guy out of the box. That frees up a couple of other guys. He does a lot for this team."

Lenny P. knows all about the superstars that will be on display this weekend, but he wants to remind everybody of the little people who might come up big for each team. On the Cowboys, he’s going with Marc Colombo and Jay Ratliff.

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