Ellis is AP Comeback Player of the Year

Here's the link:

I'm happy for Greg Ellis.  He did bother me with his complaining over the past two offseasons, but in both instances I could at least see where he was coming from.  I didn't agree the method he chose, but it seems to be modus operandi for most unhappy players in today's NFL.

I think that if you told Jerry what he would get from Ellis right before he drafted him, he would have been satisfied with it.  Maybe not happy, but definetly satisfied.  And to drag up an old argument again, I still don't know if you would be happy if you had Moss.  For two reasons: 1. Would he have worked as hard without the chip on the shoulder that he got from being drafted below where he thought he should be? 2. Would he be racking up those huge numbers on your team, or for someone else?  The Raiders got very little from him, the Vikings got historically good numbers and mediocre numbers frm him, and the Pats seem to have done well with it.  But who knows how it would have played out in Dallas?

Anyways, sorry to bury the lead.  Congrats Ellis.  And thanks Jerry for keeping him happy...

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