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MB3 in the starting lineup, Ellis wins comeback award

Usually on the eve of a playoff game it's dead, but there was some actual news for the Cowboys today.

First, a move that has been debated endlessly in Cowboys Nation is finally being made: MB3 will tote the rock first on Sunday and JJ will be the sub.

The Cowboys will bench starting running back Julius Jones in favor of the popular backup Marion Barber, according to multiple sources for Sunday's NFC divisional round playoff game against the New York Giants.

Sources said the Cowboys have contemplated making the move for weeks, but coach Wade Phillips wanted to keep Jones happy as the starter.

But the recent struggles of the offense forced Phillips to make a move.

According to Ed Werder, Wade told JJ about the news during the bye week.

Phillips informed Jones of the decision during the bye week so that he had time to recover from his disappointment. According to the source, Jones was upset with the decision and clearly not himself for several days. But he has apparently improved his attitude after being assured he will be rotated into the game and will continue to have the kind of plays he prefers as part of their game plan against the Giants.

This is great news. MB3 is one of the three big-guns in this offense that Tony Romo has at his disposal, let’s get him out there to set the tone right out of the gate. Owens, Witten and Barber are the playmakers, now they will all be starting.

Hat tip to Kingman and John Boy for posting the news.

In other news, Greg Ellis won the Comeback Player of the Year award, edging out Randy Moss. Congrats to Greg, he’s turned in the best season of his career and can top it off with a run in the playoffs. He and Flozell Adams have been waiting a long time for this franchise to get back on top. Now the opportunity is at hand.

Hat tip to GhettoBear04 for posting this news.

While not exactly news, you have to read this article about the bond between DeMarcus Ware and Osi Umenyiora. It’s got some good stuff in there, even a little controversy over the number of sacks Osi has with the Cowboys involved in it.

Here’s Osi on Ware.

"I see him playing for a different team, but I know he is supporting his family and he's doing what he needs to do," Umenyiora said of Ware. "I am just happy for him right now. Whenever I see him make a play -- even when it is against us -- it's 'That was a good play, DeMarcus.' I just wish he hadn't done it against us."

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