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Roll call open thread - 'Warming up my popcorn' edition

BTB-regular GhettoBear04 asked that I title the open thread for the Bolts and Colts game 'warming up my popcorn' and I liked that suggestion. But I'm going one better and creating a roll call 'warming up my popcorn' thread becasue it's playoff time. It's been a great season, one of the best in Cowboys' history and we've been following it together here at BTB. Now, it's time to kick it up a notch and make our Super Bowl run starting with a dispatching of the Giants. I'll post a Bolts - Colts open thread for that game, but this is an open thread roll call. Sign in and let us know what's going on in your brain as we wait for the magic hour.

I'm Grizz and I'm starting to freak. I'm getting so amped up that I might not make it to the game. If for some reason there's no open thread come gametime, someone call the paramedics, I might have spontaneously combusted.

Sign in everybody, or you'll be benched like JJ. Ouch, that was a cheap shot!

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